Get involved with RailsRocket

I'm building RailsRocket, a no-code app builder which creates real code apps backed by a marketplace of developers.

I'm on the look out for early customers and beta testers, co-founders and investors to join us on the journey. If you're excited by RailsRocket then please stop and say hi!

Early customers and beta testers

Do you have a need to build custom software and are you unhappy with the options out there?

We're looking for early customers of RailsRocket who can talk about their problems and needs and give feedback on early versions of the product.

Benefits of being an early customer include:

  • Great lifetime discounts when we start charging
  • Ability to shape the initial product
  • Help with your custom software project

Book in a call or email me at paul (at)


We've got a lot done so far, but we are still at the very start of our journey. Startups are a long game and it would be really great to have another founder (or more!) along for the journey.

If you are excited about RailsRocket, excited about the no-code space, interested in being or already have been a founder and have demonstrable skills or experience in any of the following:

  • Growth marketing
  • Customer development
  • Audience building
  • Marketplace building
  • No-code
  • CTO level technical abilities
  • Previous startup experience

I would love to hear from you!

Book in a call or email me at paul (at)


While we're not officially raising money yet we're almost certain to raise a pre-seed round soon.

If RailsRocket excites you, and especially if you are interested in the no-code space I'd love to hear from you!

Book in a call or email me at paul (at)